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Miranda Wilcox 

Thrive Potential, LLC  Founder, Lead Coach
Pittsford, NY

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Pittsford, NY
Thrive Potential, LLC
Founder, Lead Coach
58 Framingham Lane
Pittsford, NY 14534

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Additional Information

Certified by a professional coach training school
Master's degree


Hi, I’m Miranda, founder of Thrive Potential, LLC. An evidence-based professional development coach and consultant, I’m driven by empowering professionals and developing teams. By nature, I’m an improver and supporter, and those energies come through in my work. I say what needs to be said, work hard to make a difference, and lead by serving others.


Clients appreciate me for being authentic, using my brain, and caring about their success as much as they do. I’ve been like that most of my life but I never had my sights on this type of work.


I came to professional development as a career choice the way many do: as a professional who was developing. As I progressed from organizational branding to organizational behavior, I got to look inside a lot of organizations and work with a lot of leaders. I quickly learned that everyone has some room for improvement. We either address it (and improve) or we don’t. And I like addressing it so much that I decided to make it my thing.


I believe that every person can and deserves to thrive. Thrive Potential exists to help in that work. As lead coach and consultant, I coach smart, forward-focused individuals who could use some support in their development, and collaborate with organizations that recognize the value—both bottom-line and priceless—of setting their people up for success.


I’ve studied and taught in many areas that help make me a better coach–concepts like communication, leadership, coaching skills, mindfulness, social justice, gender dynamics, organizational behavior, training and development, psychology, and emotional intelligence.


Here are some obligatory bullet points to back up the above.

  • Professional Certified Coach accreditation by the International Coaching Federation
  • Evidence-based professional development coach and organizational behavior consultant
  • More than 25 years of business experience with executives, individual contributors, and everyone in between.
  • A decade of national and international experience as an organizational behavior consultant.
  • Developing and teaching business communication curricula to hundreds of college students.
  • Training/certification in DISC, Emotional Intelligence and other proven industrial psychology tools.
  • Training design and delivery for hundreds of executive leaders and aspiring coaches.
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Behavior; Bachelor of Science in Communication.
  • A coaching portfolio that includes successful executives, stalled professionals, new managers, trauma survivors, introspective teens, and eager contributors.
  • A mindful integration of personal development, professional success, and joyful existence.